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  1. The firewire is a bus having a transfer speed of 400 to 480 Mbit per sec. So you can imagine......... :)
  2. Ok,i got the link. Please check these: http://www.sensoryinc.com/html/products/ics.html
  3. Hi, Once,i found a chip on the internet for voice recognition.It was about $100 . I do not quite remember.I will still check if i can get the chip.If not , you will need to write software for the voice recognition.I have some document also on it but its in french. AS i said,i will still look for the chip for you.
  4. I just wish to say that the inverter he is talking about was designed when i was in school by one of my seniors and i saw it at work.But there was a BUZZ sound coming from the circuit.Can anyone know why this happenned?
  5. Hi to everyone out there. Who has ever wondered how circuit simulation is done. I found this article on the web some long time ago for digital simulation.I decided to post the link here. Note: Non-C++ programmers abstain!!! http://www.cs.mun.ca/~donald/bsc/
  6. Hi, You have two solutions: 1_ Design a circuit that will read the line voltage and send it to your computer then make it available on a little website you will install on your computer,using PHP to constantly update the the line voltage measure.Or you can still make it availble using telnet. 2_Design a whole embedded solution that will include internet communications.There are many free TCP/IP stack implementations out there for many microcontrollers.You embedd a little website or you telnet the microcontroller and request the informations online.I think telnet will be much more effective. Good luck with your project.
  7. Hi, What i will propose is that you should make a sort of "protocol" for the data transfer. Just as in network systems. As an example,lets say you wish to send the title of the music ,the name of the artist. You choose two markers that will identify what is been sent say when the microcontroller at the level of the decoder detects a 100 its the music title that will follow and if its 102 then its the name of the artist. Then also at the end of the emission of any of those informations,there must be a sort of end of information marker.This will enable your sircuit to know when to stop. If there is any problem please do not hesitate to contact me.
  8. Hi, I will be happy to participate in the design of this project. It will be possible to design such a project. For a beginning ,take a look at this : www.pjrc.com Just contact me if you have a problem at any level.
  9. Infrared light can go through liquid though its highly attenuated in some of them . Light does not go through solids except glass. I hope you are satisfied now.
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