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wireless data transfer

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i wanna make a wireless remote with a character lcd for my computer...  what i want to do is display the name of the song or the movie that is currently being played... i am through with everything except the data transfer part....

i have no idea about how to send and recieve the text data...
pls help!


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What i will propose is that you should make a sort of "protocol" for the data transfer.
Just as in network systems.
As an example,lets say you wish to send the title of the music ,the name of the artist.
You choose two markers that will identify what is been sent say when the microcontroller at the level of the decoder detects a 100 its the music title that will follow and if its 102 then its the name of the artist.
Then also at the end of the emission of any of those informations,there must be a sort of end of information marker.This will enable your sircuit to know when to stop.
If there is any problem please do not hesitate to contact me.

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hi.. thanks for the help...

but its the hardware part of the data trasfer where i am stuck at..
i want the device to be as economical as possible... using rf modules will be costly INRs. 600-700 or so (US $ 13-14) but the things will be much easier...

on the contrary using IR wil be cheap.... will cost me less than INRs. 50( less than a dollar).... with the only limitation of line of sight and may be some errors too..

i guess operating IR led at a frequency of 40 KHz or so wil be quite good enough to transfer the song and artist info in less than a sec.....

if you can tell me a better and cheaper way to send the data i wil be greatly obliged..

thanks once again...

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