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need a certain type of opto interrupter or, retro-sensor


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I am looking for a new way to control a motor I do not know much about sensors of these types but i am looking for something that uses reflective light. also, I had a question on how they tend to work, I need something that can output a positive voltage a 5V, if they normally can do this?  The ones that do not have transistors but internal regulators can operate differently please let me know what it is and where I can get it. my final request is that it be fairly compact but it can be long and fairly cylindrical if need be. Thanks.

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:) inside ya pc mouse if the moue is the ball type theres a wheel inside it to with i think some kind op optical interuptor  in it to when the mouse is moved the ball rotates and the wheel inside it turns and inturupts the led light from one side going to the other side something like that i think.

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