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Hazel Anne M

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hi.. i'm a newbie in this site... hope u all welcome me here... :)

hmmm... i'm currently taking my thesis subjct now.. and finally after a long long process nkpgpaapprove din kmi ng topic...
here's our topic title "power generating piezoelectric mat for automated led lighting system"...

this is a device that will convert every foot step of students into electricity and use it to power led lights...
to mke it simple.. mgla2gy kmi ng piezoelectrc mat s my turnstile s skul tpos as students pass maapakan nila ung device which will generate elctricity...

i've read theses about piezoelectic material(materials when subject to stress/vibrations will output voltage) and its feasibility for charging a battery... it helped me a lot.. but still im not yet decided what charging circuit will i use... can somebody give me an advice on this?... malapit n kc defense nmin for this topic bka hanapan kmi ng circuit..kya naicp q n mghnp n agad habang maaga p... tnx... :)

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Hi Hazel Anne M, 

Having had quite a lot to do with "piezo" devices, it would seem at best all that you may derive from a single Piezo device is about 0.5 Volts, which in broad terms , is not really useful for much except being a sensor.  Around 1973,  I was involved in a special "secret" project that used many piezo devices (adhered) on a concrete floor as footstep sensors, it worked brilliantly as the sound of crushing sand (an ingredient of concrete) was detected very well, however it produced a mere 0.5V max.

Having said that, in our kitchen here, we have natural gas cooking and we use a " piezo " gun to ignite the gas, this produces  a spark of over 1000 volts (so I am told) , I have never been curious enough to actually measure one, but that may be of some use.

Thinking about that,  it reminds me of those eternal  words on the star ship Enterprise.."di-lithium" crystals.

It would be nice if we could apply pressure to a crystal quartz rock and produce copious amounts of electricty  by just sheer pressure alone. The impact applied to a quartz crystal in a gas ignition gun produces this high spark voltage.

Cheers, Jeff

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