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USB device possible?

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Is it possible to create an usb device which installs a driver(=program in drivermode) when you connect it to the pc and at the same time tell the OS that you connected an "Unknown device" ??

The device should say the OS that it is something unknown because:
- There are same antivirus which blocks the usb storage devices.

And is it possible to tell the OS that the drivers of this "uknown device" are inside of the actual device, and there, load a program in driver mode ??

pd: the OS I'm walking about is Windows

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If the PC doesn't already have a dev. driver for the device, your device has to send a mass storage media report so that it will be recognized as a flash drive so that the driver and/or the application can be installed. If you just want to bypass the usb lock that the admin or a script has done (usually through HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\...\...) you have to find an other way (and I think there are a couple or so). Usually admins or antivirus programs know what they are doing when they lock things down. As an admin myself, I hate it when people (or poorly implemented drivers or modules) compromise my so well thought security policy! :-)


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