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Some brain draining needed, thanks


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It' good you haven't managed to turn the triac on given that it would probably blow up as it will be short circuited every half a cycle via the diode.

Why all the complexity? Surely it's easier to just use a changeover switch so the capacitor charges when it's in one position and discharges when it's in the other position?

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You don't need a double pole switch, SPDT will do.

What's the resistance of the 2.7mH coil?

The peak current will be near 200A, if it's nothing which can cause the switch contacts to weld.

You should also limit the charging current otherwise the bridge rectifier will be killed as welll as the switch.

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I realized that D2 was at the wrong place, I have redrawn the circuit and it should work now as attached, can you please confirm the component values, (I will replace the Triac as it is probably fried,)
Now back to the first questions in this post,
Question :
What resistor values must I use for the gates on the BTA08-600 and the 2N6509 respectively to get them to fully switch on?
What amperage value switch should I use as a toggle switch?
I also know that there is a diode missing that will protect the capacitor from the back EMF, will D3 do the job in this circuit?

Any suggestions to improve this circuit?




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The TRIAC still won't turn on because the the switch is just connecting the gate to A1.

Why use a TRIAC when it's only being used as an SCR as a diode is connected in series with it? You should just replace it with an SCR. A resistor can be used to limit the charging current.

The switch hardly passes any current because it mostly goes thought the TRIAC and SCR.

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