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Making your own parts on eaglecad and using I2C


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Hi Everyone, im doing a project and need some advice if thats ok

Im designing a PCB on eaglecad and need to use a 28pin header. The header with the correct pitch is only 26 pin or 32 pin. How can I redesign the part so that it has a 28 pin header in the library? Is it a difficult and complicated processs?

Secondly, I will be interfacing a beagle board with an LCD so if anyone is able to provide me with some info on how to program that in c and how to use I2C it'd be great

thanks for the help, all the best

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Guest Johnsteave7

First it is based upon you how much idea you may gathered by pcb. Then you try to eradicate your project problem. If you have no preference I would recommend CADSoft Eagle. Its free, easy and you can get several tutorials. Others may recommend other CAD software.PCB is a well and good, there are plenty of places more expensive than your service too! I’m not recommending but perhaps you could check out this ]http://actpcb.com/pcb-calculator] link.

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