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DIY anti-theft circuit with infrared version 2

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DIY anti-theft circuit with infrared version 2

Here is the circuit with infrared anti-theft version 2 I have just completed

You can put it at the door in your home or anywhere.

circuit broadcast

receiver circuit



Obtained circuit enclosed in a small box


circuit design more compact development and use of two infrared light to increase its ability to scan


inside it has built a siren

This should be in your signature (Moderator)
see more at: http://www.diyvn.net/
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All right, I'll respond.

Where's the code and a detailed write-up of the project?

Your soldering is horrible, especially the two LEDs dangling off the end of the board.

I notice you're using Q1's base current to drive another LED, is that to save power?

What does D1 do?

Finally why are you here? You seem to be more interested in publicising your site than anything else. I've not pressed the delete button because your projects are interesting and on topic but just you let you know, you're on my list of potential spammers.

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