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NiceRF RF4463PRO wireless transceiver module datasheet

Guest kellynicerf

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Guest kellynicerf

RF4463PRO module adopts Silicon Lab Si4463 RF chip, which is a highly integrated wireless ISM band transceiver chip. Extremely high receive sensitivity (-121 dBm) and +20 dBm output power ensure that the covering of the range and improve the data link performance. Built-in antenna diversity and the hopping function can be used to aggressively improve the performance.

here is its basic information:
Working voltage: 1.8-3.6V
Working frequency: 433/470/868/915 MHz
Output power: -5~20dBm (2000m distance)
Modulation mode: (G)FSK/4(G)FSK/(G)MSK/OOK/ASK
Sleep current: <0.1uA
Receiving current: 10.7~13.5mA
Transmitting current: [email protected]
Sensitivity: -126dBm
RF data rate: 0.123~1000Kbps

*FrenquencyRange:433/470/868/915(Customizable 142-1050MHZ)
*Sensitivity up to -126dBm
*Maximum output power:20dBm
*[email protected] status
*Data transfer rate:0.1-1000kbps
*(G)FSK, 4(G)FSK, (G)MSK OOK and ASK modulation mode
*1.8-3.6 V power supply
*Ultra-low consumption shutdown mode
*Digital received signal strength indicator(RSSI)
*Timed wake-up function
*Antenna automatic matching and bi-direction switch control
*Configurable packet structure
*Preamable detection  
*64/128 bytes transmit and receive data register (FIFO)
*Low power detection
*Temperature sensor and 8 bits analog-to-digital converters
*Working temperature range:-40 ~ +85°C
*Integrated voltage regulator
*Frequency hopping
*Power-on reset function
*Puilt-in crystal adjustment function

for detail or loading down its datasheet, please visit: http://www.nicerf.com/product_view.aspx?id=21
or our Aliexpress store: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/934254


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