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video signal problem

Guest xcoder

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hi all im xcoder from morocco
this is ma first post  sorry for ma bad english

my problems is about compiste video sync B&W composite video so there is no decoding no pal no secam no ntsc

i received a autorefractometre from friend that have integret camera problems so basicaly an autorefracto is text imposed on camera video singal !!
so now the camera cells failed and didnt found the part becose its a bit old
so the schema is like
the camera is connected to motherboard and motherboard mix camera composite video signal with text video signal to the monitor !! so now i want to install another camera and when i did syncs didnt get on the same frequency so my question is there anyway to change my camera syncs or somehow remove syncs from camera and insert back the text syncs to fit in the same frequency ????

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