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Servos jerking around!

Guest roineust

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Guest roineust


I am building a project, that includes an Arduino pro-mini 5V, a small, but relatively strong, slot-car 12V ~5A DC motor and 6 servos.

My problem is, that when the DC motor is working, the servos start jiggling and jerking and not going exactly in their programmed path. I have used a 4000mAh 30C battery, so i think it can not be the battery current capacity.

Can you help me solve this please?

Someone just told me, that it might be an issue of noise reduction, because of the disturbance emitted by the DC motor.
If this is indeed the most probable cause, what is the easiest way for a layman to add noise reduction to the circuitry?

When i had the exact same configuration, but with 2 servos, instead of 6 and an Arduino Uno, instead of an Arduino pro-mini, there was no problem.


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