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2 different input AC voltage in a transformer


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ok, so we're familiar with a transformer where the AC primary winding induces a magnetic flux in the transformer core which in turn creates a  voltage difference and current in the secondary winding.

now, i realize this may be a VERY dumb question, but what if we have 2 different AC voltages in the primary and secondary winding. what i mean is that the primary does not induce the secondary voltage and current, but secondary has it's own voltage and current through it. would the core have a sum magnetic flux of the 2 (would work this out in calculus, but as for the physics part, i only know high school level). so would it then create a sum voltage potential?? if we were to put a 3rd winding, would it capture the voltage difference and have current through it??


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The magnetic flux will be a sum of the 2 partial fluxes but will in turn effect the voltage across the winding so calculating the voltage of any windings on this core will not be easy from my understanding - you could simulate it or simply do some calculations - I don't know how you would do the latter, though.

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