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looking for component help- Electrofishing Boat Power Supply Box

Guest griffy1891

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Guest griffy1891


Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!

I work at a company that offers electrofishing surveys, much like most state Department of Natural Resources. We have the scientific permit for our state. Our equipment that we currently have is antiquated. We are looking to build a new control box.

There are a couple companies that sell them, here are overall performance:

Input Voltage 240 Volt AC 60Hz (commercially available generators)
Output Power AC 0-7,200 watts (may be pulsed)
Output Power DC  0-12,000 watts (pulse square wave)
Output Voltage AC 0-240 V, 30A RMS
Output Voltage DC 0-1,100 V (300V@40A, 600V@20A, 1,100V@10A)
Pulse Rate AC (Frequency) Incrementally adjusted with specific duty cycle
Pulse Rate DC (Frequency) 1-300 pulses per second DC (adjustable in 1pps increments)
Duty Cycle AC Incrementally adjusted with specific pulse rate
Duty Cycle DC 1-100% (adjustable in 1% increments)


Conductivity: 20 - 1,500 µS/cm3
Rated Output Power: 1,700W
Output Pulse Modes: Pulsed AC & DC
DC Output Peak: 0 - 560V
AC Output RMS: 0 - 400V
Output Frequency, AC: 60Hz AC
Output Frequency, DC: 120 PPS
Output Current Metering: AC & DC 0 - 10A
High Voltage Output Indicator: Panel lamp & audio tone
Output and Safety Control: Foot switch & panel switch
Seconds Timer Display: 0 - 999999 LCD
Cooling Method: Convection
Output Connectors: MS Circular with 15" cable
Input Voltage: 120VAC 60Hz

I spoke to a Representative at Mouser. They said they most likely have all of the components, but we should go on a forum to help get them listed.

So if anyone could please help with lists of components it would be much appreciated.

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