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DIY using ESP8266 WiFi module for OpenHAB on pcDuino

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HomeMatic-HomeGear-Raspberry-piHome automation is a hot topic AGAIN recently. Among the many open source solution,  we choose  openHAB. The openHAB  project is aimed to provide the general platform for home automation. openHAB can run perfect on the pcDuino platform, can be used to DIY smart home project.  pcDuino serves as the server/gateway in the whole system. The remote client node uses the STM8L Low Power Microcontroller, which is a custom designed MCU board. They communicates to the pcDuino OpenHAB server  using  the low power WiFi module ESP8266 Serial WIFI Module.  In this particular project, we implemented a remote client that detects the status of the door status using a door status contact sensor. It senses the status and communicate the current state to pcDuino through the WiFi, and then pcDuino pushed the data using mqtt to openHAB server that resides on pcDuino. The openHAB server will then update the status on the mobile side.  We also implement the other way around. We press a button on the mobile APP, and then openHAB will push a message to the remote node to turn on a LED. The mobile APP can be downloaded form Android or Apple app store by searching for ‘openhab’.

First we need to install the openHAB relate software, the detail can refer to LinkSprite Learning Center: http://learn.linksprite.com/?s=openhab

If you do not want to install yourself.  Please download the install the the image that we prepare for you (openHAB was installed under  under the /opt/openhab Directory) ;

http://pan.baidu.com/s/1ntHtCyX?qq-pf-to=pcqq.c2c  Extraction code:fh6c

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