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Clap Switch Circuit Electronic Project Using 555 Timer

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Required Components


As already mentioned, this project is basic Electronics mini-project, so this project is made of the basic components. Following is the list of the components required to make the Clap Switch.

1.1K, 4.7K, 47K, 330 and 470 ohm resistors

2.10µF and 2 100nF capacitors

3.Electric Condenser mic

4.Two BC547 transistors


6.555 timer

7.9V Battery


MORE imformation ---- http://www.tenco-tech.com/article.php?id=92




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High Sensitive Clap Operated Sound controlled ON OFF Switch Project

This clap operated ON OFF Switch circuit is very sensitive and easily operated upto distance of 5 Meter If condenser MIC is fix into a Special type of Cover to Receiving More Sound From Maximum Distance. 

This Clap/Sound controlled ON OFF Switch circuit consists two ICs , two NPN transistors, One PNP Transistor and some other components. 

The LM358 and 4017 ic is used. LM358 is an opamp-comparator which has two Op-Amp in a single ic chip. This ic is dual operational Amplifier But in this circuit one op-amp is used.

For Full detail click on link http://www.circuitspedia.com/sensitive-clap-operated-on-off-switch-circuit-without-microcontroller/



Clap operated switch circuit diagram..JPG

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