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Turnkey PCBA & PCB prototype service

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hello everyone,

Here i'd like to recommend a  pcb manufacturer to you----PCBGOGO
PCBGOGO Circuits is one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers in China. We're manufacture high-quality PCBs and PCB assembly. 
Now register on our website, you will get $100 coupon . www.pcbgogo.com/f
You also can send me your file via email for inquiry: [email protected]
In PCBGOGO you can enjoy best service.
*  12/24 hours express for PCB prototype 
*  24hours customer service available Live on-site
*  99% + on-time DHL delivery
*  Guaranteed quality from quote to delivery
*  Professional PCB engineer one-to-one service.
*  Instant quote online & order procedure tracking
*   Delivery shorted from 2-4days by DHL

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For a small order, I'd suggest working with a company that does both board fabrication and assembly(sourcing also included).

There are lots of companies who offer that kind of service. Personally, I get boards from PCBNPI (Fast Turnkey PCB prototype & PCB assembly service) and they do have an assembly service. Their service and quality are very good,while price is OK. Saves my time and money. I highly recommend. 

Fair warning: hardware has a significant startup cost. In most cases, having ten boards made will cost about as much as having a hundred made. In both cases the bulk of the price is due to setting things up, you're just distributing that cost across different numbers of boards.


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