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I need an advocate

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Hi I urgently need people to advocate to have made my wind up clock to charge my devices to keep my electronics working

The only way to keep my electronics operating is with a wind  up clock

Here is the device

It is a hand crank dynamo phone charger on a wind up clock with a self winding mechanism.
It is the only way to keep my devices powered everywhere
I am prepared to pay if you will be an advocate
I need several hundreds of these to keep my research going
Please advocate for this to be made
I paid endless clock makers and no one would make the device
I need your help
Please advocate to have a wind up clock to charge batteries made
I can pay for your advocacy
It is the only way to keep my electronics operating 24 hours a day

please respond to nottryingenough@gmail.com ( I saw it said notify and I didn't hit the button)


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