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Scooter motor to power wood lathe

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Hi! I'm new here so if this topic has already been covered or if it's in the wrong category, be gentle.

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I know enough about electronics to make me dangerous. I have a wood lathe and want to power it with a DC motor to be able to get better speed control. I have seen people use treadmill motors. I happen to have a few old 24 volt electric scooters (the larger kind with seat not the smaller stand-up only kind). I'd like to use that motor. I want to use AC to supply power to it. I'd like a speed control that goes from 0% to 100% and be able to reverse rotation. What is the best way to go about this? Can I use the controller and speed control from the scooter and power it with a transformer or DC power supply? Do I need to buy a different controller?

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I don't have the specs for the scooters until I drag them out of storage (big job); I'm just looking for a general. You need to have a X big enough to supply Y with enough power kind of answer. 


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