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How to create an adapter for a NEMA L6-20 plug to a NEMA 10-30 outlet?

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A friend of mine has a table saw that has a NEMA L6-20 plug, and he's attempting to make an adapter so that he can plug it in to the NEMA 10-30 outlet that his dryer is connected to. He's purchased an L6-20 locking connector, a 3-prong plug that fits a 10-30 outlet, and 15 feet of bundled wire that includes red, black, green, and white wires.

While trying to wire both the connector and the plug together, we ran into a problem, because the 10-30 plug requires black and white wires (no red or green), and the L6-20 connector requires black, green, and white wires (no red). Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire

We started googling solutions, but have not found the proper solution. My instinct tells me that we haven't found a solution because the types of plugs/wires are not meant to work together, and could potentially be dangerous if we tried to make them work.

I'm hoping someone on reddit might have the answer to our questions.

So, first of all: Is this a safe wiring solution?

If yes, how do we connect the wires between the L6-20 connector and the 10-30 plug?

If no, what would be a better solution so that my friend can plug in his table saw to an outlet safely and properly.

Thanks in advance!

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