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Realtek Ameba-1 Wireless IoT-Ready MCU-ARM Cortex M3 Based


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Realtek Ameba-1 development board (RTL8195AM/RTL8710AF) is an IoT-Ready MCU that is based on ARM Cortex-M3. It is specially deisgned to be pin-compatible with Arduino UNO board and can run most of the Arduino base example without an issue. 


What's more, it comes with many useful features that make it a lot easier for quick IoT project prototying, features include but not limited to,

  • WiFi
  • Low-Power
  • UVC camera
  • NFC 
  • I2S for audio
  • USB host
  • Mbed-enabled
  • ...

All examples and source code can be found on AmebaIoT.com.



A quick demo of what this soc is capable of can be found here

Demo Video

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