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Program Periodical Timer on Microcontroller with Python -- Ameba MicroPython


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Time is very useful when come to medium size project that requires periodical triggering of certain task over time, here we are going to show you how ot program Ameba RTL8722 dual-band wifi and BLE microcontrollers,



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There are 3 sets of general timers available to user, each at 32KHz, they are timer 1/2/3.
Here we use timer 1 as example to demonstrate how a periodical timer works.

Copy and paste the first 3 lines of code into REPL to see its effect.

from machine import Timer
t = Timer(1) # Use Timer 1/2/3 only
t.start(2000000, t.PERIODICAL) # Set GTimer fired periodically at duration of 2 seconds, printing text on the terminal
# To stop the periodical timer, type

A text of “–timer triggered. to stop: type t.stop()–” will be printed on the terminal every 2 seconds.To stop the timer, simply type t.stop().

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