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Arduino sensors modules for beginners


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Best Arduino sensors - for beginners electronics projects

What is Sensor?

A Sensor is a device used as the primary element that measures physical value and converts it into an electrical signal. Also, we can say that the sensor is a transducer. It measures temperature, distance, light, sound, etc.

Sensors and actuators widely used in Arduino projects. These sensors come with a kit or can be purchased separately. Some of them are compatible with Arduino Uno boards and also Raspberry Pi and other electronics modules. There are lots of Arduino sensors kits available in the market.

How many types of Arduino Sensors?

There are a lot of sensors used in electronics projects, e.g. robotics cars, moving objects, flying drones, IoT(internet of things), sound and light operated, etc. Here a list of 45 in 1 electronic sensor that comes with an Arduino sensors kit, and the details of their applications.

Analog temperature Sensors


KY 013 temperature sensor

KY-013 is an analog temperature sensor module. It includes an NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor. KY-13 used a bead-type thermistor, made with platinum and alloy materials. It can measure temperature from -55°C to +155°C.


Arduino sensors



Digital temperature module

Digital temperature Sensor

The digital temperature sensor contains DS18B20, a digital thermometer used for measuring the temperature of any substance.
Arduino sensors

Digital temperature module

This is a KY-028 module used with an Arduino for temperature indication purposes. NTC thermistor is the main sensor and LM393 a dual differential comparator (use two inputs, after comparison, the larger value to be sent to output). 
Arduino sensors

Temperature and Humidity module

This is a DHT11 sensor for temperature and humidity measurement. The range for temperature measurement is 0 to 50 ℃. Operating voltage from 3.3 to 5V DC. The humidity measuring range is 20 to 95% RH(relative humidity).
Arduino sensors

Arduino IR sensor

IR sensor contains infrared led (transmitter) and receiver led (photodiode). It transmits infrared light, and a photodiode detects the light. We used a potentiometer for distance adjustment.
Arduino sensors


Light Dependent Resistor(LDR)

LDR works on the principal photoconductivity. It is a light sensor that is used in automatic light-operated circuits. As it gets light on its surface, it generates a few electrons.
Arduino sensors

Joystick Module

Joystick module used in robotics projects. It has an x-axis, y-axis angle, and switch option. It is very useful for robotics arms and moving objects.
Arduino sensors


Metal Touch Sensor

It is a KY- 036 metal touch sensor used as a detection sensor. If a person/human body touches this sensor tip, it will trigger and generate an output. We can use a Led as an indication or buzzer for a sound alarm. It has a MOSFET(touch sensor) and LM386(amplifier).
Arduino sensors

Sound sensor

This is a high-sensitivity, sound sensor module. It has a condenser mic and is used for sound detection.
Arduino sensors


Arduino Laser sensor

Arduino laser sensors are very useful for switching projects. It's based on the detection of motion. It also comes with a transmitter and receiver.
Arduino sensors

Arduino optical switch

Arduino optical switch used in counting projects. It also used for interrupting devices, measuring, and counting RPM purposes.   
Arduino sensors

 Passive buzzer sensor

The passive sensor is used for beep/sound alarm for many electronic circuits. It is known as the KY-012 module. It required only low DC voltage(1.5 ~ 12) to activate.
                                                               Arduino sensors

Vibration sensor

A vibration sensor is a very simple module used to sense minor vibration. We can use it at the main door.
                                                               Arduino sensors

Arduino Shock sensor

This sensor is known as a knock sensor and a shock sensor. We used it for door-opening projects.
Arduino sensors

Arduino component kit

We use many electronic pieces of equipment in our routine life that may include Arduino sensors or other electronic IoT sensors and actuators. If we learn how to use them, we can understand the principle behind devices.
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