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Electronic Component: CL220 Regulator


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CL220 is a high voltage, temperature-compensated, 20mA constant current regulator. The device operates at up to 220V, and is accurate to ±10% over a 5 - 160V range. The device can be used as a two-terminal, constant-current source or a constant-current sink.

CL220 Features

5.0 to 220V operating range (VA-B)

20mA ±10% at 5.0 - 160V

0.01% / °C typical temperature coefficient

Packages Types:

- TO-252 (D-PAK)

Can be paralleled for higher current


CL220 Footprint.jpg

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The CL220 is a temperature compensated, high-voltage constant-current regulator that operates over a wide range of voltages up to 220V. This device operates as a two-terminal constant-current source or sink and is commonly used to drive LEDs with a constant current of 20mA. Multiple CL220s can be used in parallel to increase current capacity. The CL220 comes in a TO-220 package for easy installation and is available in several configurations.

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