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Reading 2 digit 7 segments with ESP32

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I have been trying to contact a forum member that has done a modification to his pool equipment in order to control it remotely instead of having to go to the box every time and check on the codes. His has released the source code on his github page.

However, I have a different model than he does so I do not think his ESP32 code will work on mine.

His equipment contains a TM1650 for the 2 digit 7 segment display. I am unable to find out if my version has the TM1650 or something else.

His schematic looks like this: enter image description here

enter image description here

I have all the components that are displayed in the schematic. I have the ESP32 and the Level shifter.

enter image description here

Another forum member had the same chip but some pins were different. His schematic looks like this: enter image description here

So, since I do not have the same setup as they do is there any IC I can get that would make reading the 2 digit 7 segments easier than trying to read each led and determining what letter/number is being displayed? I can use the 4n25/35 optocoupler to "press" any of the 6 buttons and have an analog read for the 8 LEDs to determine which ones of those are on. The only trouble I foresee is the 2 digit 7 segments reading.

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So I'm looking at my version of the ESP32 that I have (Known as the Lolin32)


And looking at their schematic I see that they call out GPIO 16, 17, 18 & 19. However, I do not have the same pin layout as they do...Go figure...
- GPIO 19 -> SWG main board clock
- GPIO 18 -> SWG main board data
- GPIO 17 -> Display board clock
- GPIO 16 -> Display board data


So, I take it my layout would be:

GPIO 18 -> GPIO 18 CLK
GPIO 17 -> GPIO 17 TX
GPIO 16 -> GPIO 16 RX

That look correct?

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