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Building a reliable mesh network for traffic light control models using LoRa modules

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Dear technology experts,

I have an interesting project idea and would like some advice and guidance. I plan to make a traffic light control model and would like to be able to use LoRa (Long Range Radio Frequency) modules to build a reliable mesh network for remote signal light control.

Here are the general steps to achieve this:

Hardware preparation:
Get an appropriate LoRa module  and a microcontroller (such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi) as well as a model of a traffic light. Make sure each device is equipped with a LoRa module and antenna.

LoRa module connection:
Connect the LoRa module to the microcontroller and make sure they can communicate properly.

Write control code:
Use a microcontroller to write control code to implement the traffic light control logic. The code should be able to change the status of the light, such as red, green, and yellow, based on the commands received.

Configure the network
Configure the communication frequency, parameters, and node ID of the LoRa module to ensure that they can communicate with each other. Assign each device a unique node ID.

Build a mesh network:
Implement the logic for the LoRa mesh network on a microcontroller to allow multi-hop communication between devices. This will require some complex programming to ensure that data can be routed correctly through the network.

Test and optimize:
Test the traffic light model and LoRa network in a real-world environment to ensure they work reliably together. Optimize code and configuration as needed.

Remote control:
Now you can use another device, such as a smartphone or computer, to send commands over the LoRa network to control the status of the traffic light. You can create a simple user interface to do this.

Monitoring and maintenance:
Regularly monitor the health of the system and ensure that models of LoRa modules and traffic lights remain operational. Perform maintenance and updates as needed.

Specifically, I want to know how to choose the appropriate hardware, how to interface the LoRa module with a microcontroller, and how to write the control code to implement the traffic light control logic. In addition, how to configure LoRa modules and establish a mesh network to ensure communication reliability and coordination?

If you have any experience or advice on building an application like this using LoRa modules or can share some resources and tutorials to help me get started, I would be very grateful. Thanks!

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