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E15-LW-T1 Adapted to Raspberry Pi test board SMA antenna interface

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As a popular single-board computer, the Raspberry Pi's powerful functionality and flexible scalability make it an ideal choice for a variety of projects and applications. During development, using a Raspberry Pi-adapted test board can significantly simplify hardware integration and functional verification.

The functions and features of the Raspberry Pi test board

 Hardware expansion and interface compatibility:
 Raspberry Pi test boards are usually designed to be compatible with different models of Raspberry Pi, providing additional GPIO pins, USB interfaces, camera ports, etc. to support richer hardware expansion and peripheral connections.

 Functional verification and performance testing:
 The test board simplifies the verification and performance testing of Raspberry Pi hardware functions. They provide a platform that is closer to the actual deployment environment, helping developers identify and resolve potential hardware issues or compatibility challenges early on.

 Integrated development environment supports:
 Test boards adapted to Raspberry Pi are usually equipped with various tools and documents required for development, such as circuit diagrams, sample codes and operation manuals, which help developers start projects and solve problems more quickly.

 IoT and sensor applications support:
 For IoT and sensor applications, the test board may integrate specific sensor interfaces or communication modules, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa, etc., to facilitate the development of smart devices and data collection systems.

E15-LW-T1 is a test board specially developed by Ebyte Efor the
mini PCI-e interface module. It is mainly aimed at the embedded application of the E106 series LoRa gateway module launched by our company, and is equipped with ESD protection. Supports multiple
systems and multiple baud rates. Developers can easily connect a variety of peripheral devices through jumpers according to actual needs.

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