Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone Amplifier using LME49600


This project is the ideal solution for high output, high-performance high fidelity stereo headphone amplifier.

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This project is the ideal solution for high output, high performance high fidelity stereo head phone amplifier. The project consists of Op-Amp LME49720 and LME49600 as output driver. The LME49600 is able to drive 32Ω headphones to a dissipation of greater than 500mW at 0.00003% THD+N while operating on ±12V power supply voltages. The LME49600 is a high performance, low distortion high fidelity 250mA audio buffer. The LME49600 is designed for a wide range of applications and is fully protected through internal current limit and thermal shutdown.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm

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