65V Input to 12Vdc Output – 1A synchronous buck DC/DC converter using LM5164

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This is a step-down DC-DC converter mainly designed for application such as high-cell-count battery packs, power tools, garden tools and electric scooters, drones. Some of the features of the project is precision enable, input voltage UVLO, internal soft start etc. The project operates over wide input voltage range of 15V to 65V to provide a regulated 12V-1A output at 300Khz working frequency. D1 is the power LED, and 4 Pin male header connectors provided for input and output. The full-load efficiency of the project is 90% @ nominal input voltage of 48 V and an output voltage of 12 V. The switching frequency is set by resistor R4 at 300 kHz. The output voltage soft-start time is 3 msec.

6-V to 100-V input, 1-A synchronous buck DC-DC converter with ultra-low IQ

The LM5164 synchronous buck converter is designed to regulate over a wide input voltage range, minimizing the need for external surge suppression components. A minimum controllable on-time of 50 ns facilitates large step-down conversion ratios, enabling the direct step-down from a 48-V nominal input to low-voltage rails for reduced system complexity and solution cost. The LM5164 operates during input voltage dips as low as 6 V, at nearly 100% duty cycle if needed, making it an excellent choice for wide input supply range industrial and high cell count battery pack applications. With integrated high-side and low-side power MOSFETs, the LM5164 delivers up to 1-A of output current. A constant on-time (COT) control architecture provides nearly constant switching frequency with excellent load and line transient response. Additional features of the LM5164 include ultra-low IQ and diode emulation mode operation for high light-load efficiency, innovative peak and valley overcurrent protection, integrated VCC bias supply and bootstrap diode, precision enable and input UVLO, and thermal shutdown protection with automatic recovery. An open-drain PGOOD indicator provides sequencing, fault reporting, and output voltage monitoring.


  • Wide input voltage range of 15 V to 65V
  • Output 12V DC – 1A
  • Output has 1.5% Accuracy
  • Junction temperature range: –40°C to +150°C
  • Fixed 3-ms internal soft-start timer
  • Peak and valley current-limit protection
  • Input UVLO and thermal shutdown protection
  • PCB Dimensions 32.70 x 32.70mm


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