High current bipolar stepper motor controller

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High Current Bipolar Stepper Motor Controller kit is based on chopper drive.  Chopper drive is a method of providing a constant current source to a device.  Chopper drive allows for use of higher voltage power supply for better performance and higher speed.  It is uses SGS Thomson’s L297 and L298 controller IC’s.

  • Logic supply – 5 VDC @ 300 mA
  • Motor Supply – 8 to 30 VDC
  • Connection via 10-pin Box Header for easy interface with any microcontroller development boards
  • External or internal voltage reference option via jumper
  • Onboard preset for current adjustment
  • High speed switching diodes for L298 IC protection
  • Power-On LED indicator for both the supplies
  • Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy supplies and motor connection
  • Heat sink included
  • Four mounting holes 3.2 mm each
  • PCB dimensions 74 mm x 71 mm




  • Raghunathan Ramakrishnan

    I am interested to procure the High Current Bipolar Stepper motor controller. Can you link me to the relevant site ? Thanks

    4 years ago

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