Sound Activated LED Light With Timer

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Clap to light switch with timer project is very useful project for power saving applications. The project switches on the LED light for 45 to 60 seconds when receives two clap sound. This project can be used in store room, toilets, dark area where switch is not visible, night lamp, places where light on off switch is not accessible easily.

Single transistor used as microphone preamplifier, diode converts AC signal in to DC , and PIC micro-controller take care of LED On/OFF Time, LED  time depends on two jumpers J1, J2 which provides four options s 45, 50, 55, 60 seconds. MJE3055 transistor used in output to drive LED, one series resistor R10 helps to control the current going through LED, R10 can be alter as per LED Voltage and current. 3V to 12V LED with maximum current 500mA can be used. Use higher current Darlington transistor like TIP147 for higher current Load. Onboard potentiometer trimmer for sound sensitivity adjust. D1 power LED.

Jumper Settings (Timer)

  • J1 Close J2 Close = 60 Seconds
  • J1 Open J2 Open = 45 Seconds
  • J1 Open J2 Close = 50 Seconds
  • J1 Close J2 Open = 55 Seconds


  • Supply 12V DC @ 500mA
  • On board preset to set the sensitivity
  • On board Microphone
  • D1 1W/3W White LED


Parts List




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subodh das

how to order for pcb?

Hervey John

Hi ma’am/sir.

I’m Hervey working for

We really like your sound activated LED light with timer project, and want to cover it on for our readers. is an online resource community site for Electrical Engineers and I’m sure that your project will be a great addition as an entry on our webpage.

Would it be okay, if we feature this project and share some ideas about the project?

We will give you credit for the project and link back to your site so our readers can learn more about you.



Hervey John

Okay, thank you 🙂


470E,4.7E,OMIT?Have these components equivalent value?

3s Prime

How can i use it as touch switch to light LED