Parallel Port Breakout board with Buffer for CNC & Routers


Parallel port I/O break out board designed for Hobby CNC, Routers and Motion controller ,  This Board is an easy solution to driver stepper Motor driver, AC Servo (with Step-DIR Driver) and DC servo (with Step-DIR Driver), The Board is compatible with various CNC software specially made for LPT port data out. The board has been tested with MACH3 CNC software.   All outputs are buffered, all inputs are optical isolated and can be used as emergency switch, limit switch and home switch.

The board has 12 output pins that can control various devices such as stepping motor drivers, AC Servo Driver, DC Servo Driver,  Plasma Torch, Pump for coolant, spindle, 5 Input pins are provided for limit or home switches, feedbacks, Emergency switch.  All inputs has 470E for current controlled and TTL Voltage input required driving the inputs. This board can be powered with USB input or DC input supply 7V to 36V, keep jumper J2 open in case of USB supply input. Board has Screw Terminals for Inputs and out connections and also provided with 4X6Pin header connecters for outputs. J15 is connected directly to parallel port pins for testing purpose.

Note: For 24V input signal replace of R3, R4, R5, R6, and R7 with 2K2 Ohms.


  • Supply 7V to 36V DC
  • 25 D SUB Female Connecter for PC LPT Port Interface
  • On Board Power LED
  • On Board USB Connector for Supply from PC or other USB source
  • Jumper Selection for USB Supply Input or External Supply
  • All Outputs are buffered
  • All inputs are optically isolated
  • Two Options for Outputs, Screw Terminals and Header Connectors
  • 4X6Pin Header for easy motor driver interface
  • On Board L317 Regulator for 5V DC
  • Heat sink for regulator
  • 5V DC Output for External Circuits
  • 3X3 Header Connector for Relay Driver for Spindle, Plasma, Laser, Pump ON/OFF


  • CN15 : LPT Port Test Pins
  • CN7 : Inputs , Limit Switch, Feedback, Home Switch, Emergency Switch
  • CN1 : DC Supply Input 7V to 36V
  • CN2 : DC 5V Output
  • CN10, CN11, CN12, CN13 : Header Connector for Stepper driver Interface
  • CN8, CN9, CN14 : 3X3Pin Header Connector to driver Relay for Outputs
  • CN5 : Outputs
  • J3 : E Stop Optional Jumper for Test Purpose
  • J4, J5 : I/O Direction Control ( Jumper Close to VCC for Normal Operation)
  • CN6 : USB Connecter for VCC Supply input ( Keep Jumper J1 Open for USB Supply Input)
  • D1: Power LED



Parts List





Parallel-Port-Breakout-CNC-LPT I-O





  • mukesh pandey

    i want to make a 5 axis breakout board with spindle speed control. but in your design spindle speed control is not available.
    please help me on this.

    6 months ago
    • admin

      Yes, this is just the breakout board with buffer ICs, you will need additional circuit to control the speed of your motors.

      3 months ago
  • Hi
    Thank you for your web site

    1- For running stepper motor we need a power supply. Where is input of power supply on board?

    2- in the black and white photos there is many black circular that these join with 1 or 2 or 3 or more tin black wire to extensive black area
    Is this black wire is error in your design?

    I add a link that help you to understand my mind of question 2!

    Thank you again

    3 months ago
  • Hi
    Do you have gerber file of this PCB?

    3 months ago
    • admin

      Gerber files uploaded above. Thanks

      3 months ago
      • Thanks, So thanks

        1- How can I convert gerber to .nc files for CNC millig?

        2- Can we run 5-axis CNC by this boards? Do you have controller board for 5-axis CNC?

        3- There is a 6-pin set of yellow pins far from the other yellow pins on the board, What is its use?

        4- Is this 6 pins yellow for the fifth axis?

        I add a link that help you to understand my mind

        Thanks again and regards

        3 months ago
        • And:
          6- Can we run this board only by usb port?

          Thanks again and regards

          3 months ago
          • You can run it through USB using a USB to Parallel adapter.

            2 weeks ago
  • Hi
    Do you have .pcb or .pcbdoc or .ddb or .LYT files of this PCB?

    3 months ago
    • admin

      I am sorry, only gerber files and PDF document are available for this project.

      3 months ago

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