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  1. boy I swear This thread is starting to read like a Linux man page with all the misinformation floating around, can some please post the right schematic and parts list for the 3amp supply. I think audio's is the right one but with all the European influence its hard telling ( just like Linux ). Not the 5amp just the 3amp. **I thought a 5amp thread was started years ago.** gogo
  2. Hello I have been reading about making my own cnc machines for years and slowly I have been saving different parts, saving different designs. and reading just about anything about it. So here is what I got. The actual machine idea. http://makeyourbot.org/machines The whole thing is only about 10 inches wide bt 12 inches deep and maybe 14 inches high. Small but should be able to handle a 5" by 7" PCB The control board. http://pminmo.com/3axis/3axis.htm The board was easy to make, took a little time but it turned out nice except the layout for the transistors were a little tight for the heat sinks I have, will have to make aluminum sinks for it. The board has its own logic testing circuit built in so testing my work was easy. Stepper Motors are KP4M4-001, Stepper Motors used in old 5 1/4 disk drives. I am using them because there is plenty of info on the net about them The actual drill is a small dreamel clone I got for 10 bucks. The software. (free software ) http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/emcinfo.pl?Installing_EMC2#On_Ubuntu_10_04_using_precompiled_EMC2_packages I built a computer set-up for the linux emc software. I made the control board. I just got the rods and bearings this week. ordered them from http://www.mcmaster.com/# , prices were more then fair and shipping was fast. Next is building the frame. I will use furniture grade plywood. 11 or 13 layer birch. Hopefully in a week or two I will have a picture to show off my work have fun gogo
  3. hello about renaming the threads. They both have some valuable information and I don't want to mess either thread up. and that is what could happen, so the best for now is just to leave them alone. Think one of the other moderators with more experience should handle this. have fun gogo
  4. hello Yes I have seen them all over. some company's use them for presentations, they work nice, hook it up to a laptop and anything that would go to the monitor shows up on the screen through the projector. Only drawback is the lamps they use. they burn out fast and there not cheap, before I would buy one I would check out the price of the replacement lamps first. have fun gogo
  5. My Son and his wife took me to see Tron in 3D last week the special effects were good but the 3D was really not all that noticeable. I took my glasses off hafe the time to see if there was a big difference, not really. gogo
  6. Hello The problem with laptop batteries is the lithium batteries them-selfs, they don't last that long ask these guys that have delwat hand drills they might get two years of steady use out of them. also there dangerous to rebuild because there welded together and if you get them to hot they blow-up. solder won't work because the heat they generate. best thing to do is just take the bite and buy new ones. gogo
  7. I found when I was doing some web searching, maybe it will you gogo ICL7107_tips.pdf
  8. I put this post up so people will know what were talking when it comes to the two different power supply threads. To bad we can't rename them one and two or old and new gogo
  9. Hello I am going to give this one a try( finally ) I have been reading the thread for about two years now. I already have two good bench top power supplies but I have a cnc machine project coming up and I want to build its own power supply. A variable supply would work perfect, because I plan on testing out different size motors. The blog on cnc machines re sparked my interest. Hobbies are illnesses you know and I don't plane on getting well soon. have fun ::) gogo
  10. Hello mendimano Yep that looks like the one. I had to use 1% resistor onR1, R2 & R3. and the voltage divider took a little playing around with. It worked, still have it hanging on the wall. have fun gogo
  11. Hello benson and welcome to the form are you talking about making the actual Photovoltaic cells or making large panels using premade wafers? or already assemble panels? If Photovoltaic cells could be made at home that would be something but don't think it would be possible, solar wafers are readily available in different sizes so you could start from there. what did you have in mind? gogo
  12. I built one over a year ago and it worked good as long as 1% resistors were used, there were two projects posted at the time so I don't know which one you are referring to. gogo
  13. Here is a good program for keeping inventory of your stuff http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/Handy-Quote-Download-123266.html I have been using it for years. Its a goo program, I am surprised its freeware. gogo
  14. No I was thinking you would have to divide the power up 36 times anyways so why not start at that point. first what voltage is coming in to begin with. your not going to get 150 amps off a 110 volt line.
  15. How much would a individual module need? reason I as is because it might be easier and safer to have a separate powersupply for each module. gogo
  16. Hello I got a question. What runs on 5Volts and needs 150 amps? gogo
  17. Hi audioguru Thought I got the shoe guys off There is another one in the General Discussion thread named galody starting up.
  18. Hello jonjay and Welcome to the form. Wireless is always fun to work with and expensive too. you might Google wireless controls first and see if there is something out on the market already you can use. otherwise to start out with and easy way to go is with microchip stuff they make a wireless training kit. have fun gogo
  19. Hello tumberi Welcome to the form. The thing is we don't have an idea on what your trying to do, maybe if you give us some clues we can feed into our crystal balls, we could tell you every thing you need to know. dose it involve a micro-controller a lot of electronic parts and some kind of input device or output device. dose it fly around and chase cats ( if it dose I want one ) just stuff we need to know so we can help ya. have fun gogo
  20. Hello My thinking is why mess around with a power supply. why not just use a Christmas light string they make short ones, then you can just plug them into a wall plug and be done with it. gogo
  21. Programming with ANSI C is a lot different then programmer for micro controllers. Most C compilers run well for 16 or 32 bit programs but when it comes to a 8 bit program like a microchip mid-range,its all different. Most of the C, Basic or whatever they call there compiler, were written for a specific microchip pic, avr, 8051, or whatever chip you are using. I use ASM with pic's because its free to use and works fine with mid-range chips Sure there some free C compilers out but they are usually limited chop down versions of the good programs they sell, Free trail version to lure you into buying a 500- to 1000's of dollar programs. GPL programs GPL= general public license or Copy Left verses Copyright . Are written buy the people for the people and there are free as you pay nothing Free programs Free support and lessons. LIKE THESE TWO: As far as ANSI C and even C++ compilers I would recommend Blood Shed its free and community support. and I even believe it supports visual basic Another good an free compiler for 18Fxxx series Microchips is Swordfish SE and that is community supported too also I believe there is some support for avr's too whatever tickles you fancy when it comes C programming there is plenty or free stuff out there including tutorials and books There support forms is the place to search for the answers have fun gogo PS the list of free compilers goes on
  22. Hello Shahriar Just to keep it simple Yes there different, One has one inductor and the other has two. Witch is obvious, Your question isn't. gogo
  23. Hello Junior957 Using a 555 timer is a good idea it can be triggered with a short pulse ( just few mil seconds)and then be configured to send a much longer pulse to drive your buzzer 555 timers are fun to work with, its one of the most commonly used ic's in electronics. gogo
  24. Nice idea for a project. What would you read the data on? How would you know if a person walked in a room or out? I Think it would take two sensors working together, so the logger would know what direction someone was going. Could be done, but on what. Could use a micro-controller and a LCD or even use 7 segments for the counter. Two ir detectors set at angles could track the movement. What part do you need help with rpbz? gogo
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