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  1. I think at 1Khz, the capacitor could not completely charge in one cycle. No, that's not it. You have to make the resistance higher than the impedance of the capacitor.
  2. Something I noticed about voltage multipliers. I've never seen two equally charged capacitors reverse bias a diode. But as long as the capacitors are completely charged the diode is reverse biased.
  3. I know there is a simpler 15V to 45V voltage multiplier than the one I posted. It might be adequate. I won't bother posting that one.
  4. Wow this Windows 10 is great.
  5. Thanks guys. I love to hear you.
  6. They always conduct. No matter what. These two circuits are different. Resistors don't clamp a voltage. The voltages halve, halve, and halve again until Vp. ac.pdf
  7. The other equation is Xc - Xl. So a series LRC is only inductive or capacitive.
  8. In the quation v = L di/dt. The voltage goes up and the current goes up. In the equation i = C dv/dt. The voltage goes up and the current goes up.
  9. The only addition I'll add to my post is the current of the capacitor must at least be C dv/dt.
  10. Capacitor's pull current through a resistance. Then you have voltage momentarily.
  11. I went ahead and built this circuit today. The input resistor voltage changed very little. The output transistor voltages changed quite a bit.
  12. The schematic shown has a gain of 10. I changed the gain to 10,000 in this circuit. I don't know how unstable that would make it. I guess I'll have to match the opamp and output transistors.
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