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  1. Mate.... to run a tft lcd panel from a microcontroller, you will need serious computing power. I don't believe you will be able to use an 8 bit microcontroller like a pic or avr, you may be able to use an ARM based microcontroller though, like the philips lpc21xx. This would be a very big and complicated job.
  2. I just downloaded the april issue I mentioned in the previous post and its not in english :(
  3. hey guys, for the April Edition - http://rapidshare.de/files/18815014/46el.chipollo.rar.html Pass: www.Chipollo.Info
  4. no worries mate ;D I don't know the language either, just guessed and got lucky. Thanks for the heads up for the download too.
  5. password for the E_May06.rar is 'www.sonsivri.com'
  6. Hi Zeppelin I believe the password 'vampire' is for the file attached to the first post in this thread. I don't know what the password for this file is, if someone knows, please share the information :)
  7. tried that before I posted. nowhere in the posts does it say that the password vampire is associated with this particular file.
  8. cheers but the rar file is password protected. any idea what the password is?
  9. The google trick with Silicon Chip doesn't work for me anymore, I think they may have fixed the bug. :-[ I do have a subscription to the mag, but it was nice to get past articles from before I started my subscription.
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