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  1. Hi guys Great gears for all the input. Pity, that the kid_kv, (http://www.electronicslab.com/forum/index.phptopic=6755.msg41336;topicseen#msg41336) could not see this amount of response. This sure would make him g r e e n. Well we know this is a great forum, with some real people. Back to my request. I did do a search for, 555 timer Pulse Width Modulation, available diagrams use a variable resistor to control the motor speed. I need only replace the variable part with a selector switch of some kind. A rotary switch will work ideal as suggested. But do you get them in a small enough package to have them pcb mounted and with maybe 3 to 6 position, similar to the one in the above post. Using a multi turn pot the selection range is to big to adjust, using a normal pot it is to sensitive. Thus the option for a selector switch with preset values. I do not intend to drive the fans directly via the “resistor selector”, I think it only acts as a reference to power a mosfet that drives the fans in this circuit. The circuit it self is working fine. Posting the circuit will not really help? Sorry for the confusion, but can their be a solution? Thanks Virus ;D ;D ;D
  2. allvol / Zeppelin Seeing the dip switch way will not work, I looked around the web and find these little switch, do you
  3. Hi guys I have a PC power supply in side PC case. NO other components. I need a resistor or something ells, that I can connect to the power supply in the case that will generate the same amount of heat or even more inside the case, (should it be a fully functional PC). I was thinking in the line of a high wattage light bulb, it is not the preferable way to go, because of the luminescence of the light it self. If some can help me with specs for an item like this. Wattage, resistance, values etc. Small 12v heater if they are available. I want to build a demonstration unit for cooling down PC cases more effectively. I think it should work better than having a PC boot up first, then heat up, etc. Your answers welcomed! Thanks Virus;D ;D ;D
  4. Thanks guys Will try out the different options and let you know. It could be that a miniature selector switch will do the trick. Still chewing on the idea. Thanks for the feed back. Virus
  5. Hi Guys A million dollar question, and please I need help with this one. I know a little about ohm’s law etc. but still can’t figure this one out. Being a non electronic tech and wanting to build a fan controller and I need some expert advice. In the circuit I am building I am using a 10 k ohm multi-turn trimmer, but would prefer to use switches to select different resistors via a dip switch to change the resistance and thus change the fan speed. I have measured the lowest value at 2.5 K ohm and the top value at 3.5K ohm. Without the dipswitch and resistors R5 would be valued between 2.5 K ohm and 3.5K ohm. depending of the fan speed selected. Can I use different resistors R1 – R4 via the dip-switch to accomplish this? and what values will they be? What would the value of R5 need to be to start off with? I was thinking of building a small unit and start with soldering resistors together, but I think there is infinite combination, your input will be highly appreciative. Is their another way of doing this. Please and thank you ;D ;D ;D Virus
  6. Hi Guys I need a circuit that would emulate a 10 k ntc thermistor, for the sake of endurance testing a product. As temperatures vary the thermistor will follow, by changing its resistance up and down between
  7. AJB2K3 Toss it in file 13, and take another one, or use something else. ??? ??? ??? Will only take
  8. Yeh, totally agreeing, this site rocks ! ! ! ! ! 8) 8) 8) 8) Almost 20 000 members and still no one can even give me a hint on how to set out the best way of doing this thing, to help with my project, and make it work. Any advice of how to what, where and when will be appreciated Come on guys I need help! :P :P :P :P (((( Posted: on: April 17, 2006, 12:47:47 PM Does any one know of a small electronics production company that can help me produce small pcd boards 1 sided,
  9. Hi Guys Does any one know of a small electronics production company that can help me produce small pcd boards 1 sided,
  10. logan_dslasher Considering the photo of Anna ...., I think its not the maths youre missing at school ! ! ! ;D ;D ;D Virus
  11. Steven Thanks I’ve got it !!!. ;D ;D ;D 1 question though the switch is it a push to make or a push to break, I would like to believe it is momentarily on or off. Can the circuit be modified to run from 12v supply, and how? Once a gain thanx Virus
  12. Hi guys Is there a way of testing a IRF510 mosfet to determine if it is blown or not. I believe these things can blow with static, etc. I am building a circuit from a diagram with not much knowledge of electronics, and need to make sure of the Mosfets. Thanx Virus ;D ;D ;D
  13. Ante I am also ‘n bit cautious when it comes to unknowns. But . . . . What if it is true ? http://www.lutec.com.au/index.htm You think they would go through the trouble of building this, just for the photo’s. See attached: 1. Pics of Lutec development, final product “lutec_new06”. 2. Attach pdf , “This motor consumes no charge “, please explain ? Thank you Virus temp.rar
  14. ante / audioguru I think if the music stops the machine can’t work either ;D ;D ;D, just joking, these guys are tooling up for mass production etc. I need your input on the Lutec project. The way they calculate efficiency re: volts and amps = watt, on the dc side and on the ac side, can that be the effectiveness of that motor. Why I ask, I have been following there progress for some time, their R&D, development etc. Have a number of photo’s of prototypes ect. they have built. (Somewhere on a Pc) They then released a article in Australia of a
  15. Hi guys This one is ONLY WITH MAGNETS ? http://www.perendev-power.com/My_Homepage_Files/Page4.html watch the video This stuff is out there, the energy companies etc. buy them out as soon as they go into prototyping. Virus
  16. Hi Guys See so many people get taught only what certain people want them to know, anything outside that frame of reference get laughed at belittled or talked down upon. Some one said these words once, and they are so true. To accept or reject a new idea without investigation is the height of ignorance! When it come to new ideas, you know the story of the frogs in the bucket, when one takes a chance and manages to get on to the brim, yah, you know what happened. Just to wet your appetite look at this video. Thanx Virus [attachment deleted by admin]
  17. Hi Something interesting I came across the other day. Might just do it for you. Virus lab1_info.pdf
  18. I saw that spectacular video clip and for a moment … when you said meters, I thought steven got lucky. Well they say it’s like catching fish if you are not trying, if your hook and sinker is not in the water there is no chance of even knowing if there is fish. ;D ;D Steven, myself with no electronics theory, just plodding along tying this and that, (tapping information from helpful guys like audioguru, etc.), have managed to build a 1 – 10 divider using a fly back transformer in reverse. So I can measure 6000 vDC and the MM reads, 600vDC. So what I am saying is, keep on trying, you will get result some day. (Sorry the circuit I posted was a bummer on my side, only realized it after I send the post. Think it is part of the gray matter becoming jello here. I did try to help though. This said, look at this site, also have nice high voltage driver circuits, with lifters etc. http://jnaudin.free.fr/lifters/main.htm enjoy Virus
  19. Hi guys 1 to 2 meter yea right! :D ;D, proof it, post a photo? I will post a photo also, you first ? ;) Steven Thanks for the nice credit to “electronics lab”, I for one with 0 knowledge in electronics, will whole heartedly agree with you, thanks very nice gesture. I think it is fair to say, this is also from all the unlearned out there. :) :) Virus
  20. steven hi steven this circuit I think is beter Virus
  21. hi steven see you are still looking for a flyback driver, this circuit was on my desk when I saw your post, see if you can use it. Virus
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