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  1. Hi @Spaceboard, These CD's are all about education in electronics, and are also very useful as a resource (Schematics) for the electronics engineer and hobbyist. They are also interactive, with several thousand simulations and examples. As usual, made with German Grundlichkeit. I don't know if the eMule versions are complete, or lack FRANZIS newest updates. There is also a hardcopy version of this set, which may also be on the CD's. I have not checked and tested the downloads yet. Here you can read more about this set "Franzis Professionelle Schaltungstechnik (5 Doppelbande)": http://www.te
  2. Hi @Spaceboard, I mean these CD's from FRANZIS: Franzis Professionelle Schaltungstechnik - CD 1 to 7: Schaltungstechnik (CD 1) Design Labor-Electronics Workbench (CD 2) Praxis 1500 Schaltungssimulationen (CD 3) Schaltungssammlung mit 10000 Beispielen - Teil 1 (CD 4) Schaltungssammlung mit 10000 Beispielen - Teil 2 (CD 5) Elektra2000 Mit Design Labor (CD 7) Elektrotechnik Formelsammlung Interaktiv (CD 6) The CD numbers may differ a bit, so please check first ! Also: Elektor - The Datasheet Collection 1-2-3-4 with Menu (Kevlar).iso (695.13 MB) Note: If this file is not complete, then you
  3. Hi @Spaceboard, Please check out "FRANZIS" on eMule (122 hits). It's all in German, but excelent information! :o Hi @Jwildes, Here you have a brief explanation about certain file formats: Source: http://forums.afterdawn.com 1) What is a .BIN? What is a .CUE? What is an .ISO The .BIN / .CUE CD image format was made popular by the CDRWin software. Afterwards many programs have started supporting or partially supporting it, including: Nero, BlindWrite, CloneCD, FireBurner. The .CUE file contains the track layout information, while the .BIN file holds the actual data. .ISO is also a CD imag
  4. Hi @Spaceboard, Thank you for the link ;) What is the TDV-Disk ? Was it, or is it a ECA-CDROM product ? Do you mean the ECA VRT-Disk ? If it is the "ECA VRT-Disk 2005" you are looking for, then you can download it via eMule. Search ("Global" and "Any"): "ECA Disk" (89 hits) or "ECA" (Very messy, 534 hits) Additional information (According to peers, these files are fakes or have no serial): "Eca - Vrt 2005 (Completo) By Posada.nrg" (644.65 MB) is a fake, it's an AVI-file. "eca_vrt-disk 2005.mdf" (787.06 MB) has no serial number. Also make shore you download all the serials in the TXT
  5. Hi Guys, Thank you all so much for the warm comments you have given me relating to my post. I really appreciate this, and feel privileged to be a member of this Forum with such nice people ;) @Ante, I had put the word "rub" between quotes, meaning that you should not take it literately. More than once, have you given hints in your posts to your affection towards electronics of nostalgia. It was clear to me that you would like these old books, just like I do. I am only slightly younger than you are, and we are both "products" of the "flower power era". But I think that we were both too young
  6. Hi @Bhargava, Here you are: Electronics And Circuit Analysis Using MATLAB.rar (Single PDF-file chapter compilation) Numerical Methods in Engineering with MATLAB (Cambridge University Press - 2005) 432s.rar (PDF-file) No password is needed for the files given as attachment below. Enjoy ! Regards, Cryonic. [attachment deleted by admin]
  7. Hi @Ante, I sometimes try to think of time like if I was looking at a broken clock were it has been frozen, only much to my dismay, to wake up again out of my illusion to see that it was all just a dream after all. Sometimes, late at night when I feel that I am alone and nobody is watching me and things are nice and quiet, I go to the park. I then sit on a children's swing, and star into the infinite universe of beautiful stars and smell the sweet scent of perfumed flowers around. In this way I can swing back into time, looking at the stars turning round and round, and having the feeling of
  8. Full Electronic books Free to download ! (~650 MB !) Here you have the link: http://www.tech-systems-labs.com/books.htm A must peek web page ! :o Enjoy ! Cryonic.
  9. Programming PIC Microcontrollers in BASIC - 194s.rar Enjoy ! Cryonic. Programming_PIC_Microcontrollers_in_BASIC_-_194s.rar
  10. One more book that may be of interest to you. Numerical Methods in Engineering with MATLAB (Cambridge University Press - 2005) 432 pages: http://rapidshare.de/files/9853046/ksjdfhks.rar.html Password: www.elektrotekno.com Enjoy ! Cryonic.
  11. 5.2 Million Datasheets & 1.1 Million Cross-References ! Also; 50 digitized data books ! http://www.datasheets.org.uk/ Enjoy ! Cryonic.
  12. 5.2 Million Datasheets & 1.1 Million Cross-References ! Also; 50 digitized data books ! http://www.datasheets.org.uk/ Enjoy ! Cryonic.
  13. 50 Semiconductor databooks for free ! If you feel like spending enough time per eBook, you can complete 50 digitized data books. This site supports 1 file per download, and the data books are made up out of more downloadable sections. They also support 5.2 Million Datasheets & 1.1 Million Cross-References ! The Data Book Project: http://www.datasheets.org.uk/ Enjoy ! Cryonic.
  14. Hi @Ante, Very true indeed, but when concerning frequency, coil dimensions and form, coil winding layout, core material type, dielectricum, capacity, conductor material type, skin effect, temperature etc., things become increasingly complex and blurred to visualize or to understand. But, I felt that this would have been deviating too much off of the simplicity of the "Current Capacities of Wire Gauges" table presented by @Um...Me123. By keeping things as simple as possible, transparency into a certain matter at hand may be enhanced, and confusion kept to a minimum. But you rightly make this a
  15. Hi @Bhargava Maybe this eBook may also be of interest to you: Electronics & circuit analysis using Matlab: http://rapidshare.de/files/6224336/Electronics.And.Circuit.Analysis.Using.MATLAB.rar.html Password: www.AvaxHome.ru Enjoy ! Cryonic.
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