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  1. http://www.onesmartclick.com/engineering/engineering.html It may just be a mouse hiding underneath a Lions Hide, :o but there seems to be a lot of useful resources here. Enjoy ! Cryonic.
  2. Principles of Semiconductor Devices - By Bart Van Zeghbroeck - 2004 (Very Good !) Here you have the link: http://ece.colorado.edu/~bart/book/start.htm Enjoy ! Cryonic.
  3. And one more book: PIC C: An Introduction to Programming the Microchip PIC in C - By Nigel Gardner; as PICC.rar (5529.7 KB), you can download here. Enjoy ! Cryonic. [attachment deleted by admin]
  4. Hi @Jwildes, Maybe these two books will also be of interest you: Programming Pic Microcontroller with PicBasic Compiler A Beginners Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PIC Micro Here you can find them: http://www.giuciao.com/books/sort.php?by=Engineering If the links are broken, then there are also other ways to solve this. Also search for "PIC BOOKS" and "PIC EBOOKS" on this Forum. The Quintessential PIC.rar (3145.95 KB), you can download here. Enjoy ! Cryonic. [attachment deleted by admin]
  5. Power Semiconductor Applications - Philips Semiconductors (Menu driven PDF chapters) Lots of applications, schematics and theory, .... a must have ! Good stuff, ... very useful ! Enjoy ! Cryonic. [attachment deleted by admin]
  6. Hi @Hotwaterwizard, Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into this for me, and I really appreciate it. I actually did not expect to see any results at all for these modules in the lower Amp rating class. The information you have provided me with, is more than sufficient for me to work on. Very kind of you ! :) With kind regards, Cryonic.
  7. Hi @Staigen and @Jwildes, I am also member of the Sciencemadness Forum, and we have two FTP services to upload Information. This makes life very easy for us to share Information. They are both protected by access codes, which many of us have. Do we also have an FTP service connected to this Forum where I can upload too ? If not, then I will have to make arrangements with our FTP hosts to give for instance @Ante access rights, so that he may download all the Information and make it available here. The bottleneck in this strategy is, that I can only upload at about 10 - 15 KB/S when I am busy, and about 33 KB/S max when all other operations are at a halt, which is seldom the case. I am only concerned with Information, Books, Books and more Books. I legally buy my Music (Far to much) and Movies (Also, far to much), and Games I only play with Woman. Too much shit may hit the fan with Software, so I avoid this kind of heat like the Plague. I am an Information Freak, and rather keep it this way. If you want OrCAD, Ultiboard, Simm, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Inventor, Spice, EECAD etc., then it's best to get into eMuleing yourself, just too much heat is involved with this kind of stuff. And those Guys have enough money to Sue me to Kingdom Come, and will do so too. About eMule: You can just Google "eMule + Download", and this will bring you to there Forum. The Program is small, maybe about 5 MB. You can just install it "Default". You may only have to change the "TEMP" and "INCOMING" Directory to were you want to receive and share your Information, otherwise it is all put onto the same Partition on which you have installed eMule. They have a nice Forum, with lots of Information about eMule. Just make shore that you don't get involved in any pay P2P Programs, it's not necessary and a waist of Money. I find eMule the best P2P Network, with at times more that 5 Million users connected. You can also use "PeerGuardian2" an IP blocker, to give you some protection against those who are tracking your download habits, many servers are blocked in this way who are known to keep Records of your Downloads. The Movie, Music and Software Industries also like to Upload, so that they can track down those who Download there Stuff (Not shore about this ?). Apparently Peerguardian2 gives you IP Zero, and blocks many of there IP's. Peerguardian2 has a file called "history.db", just make shore that this File doesn't become too big. I found this out, because my Drive "C" had only 50 MB left, and this File had become 5 GB in size. After I had deleted this File, and updated my IP Block List, Peerguardian2 rewrote this File to about 20 KB, and all went fine again. I had then contacted a friend about this of who I had known to have used Peerguardian2 for about one year, and his "history.db" was more than 20 GB in size. He eMailed Peerguardian2 about this Program fault, so they may now change this in future with there Updates. Peerguardian2 may not be Water Tight, but may give you at least some rear protection, which is always better than non at all. They too, have a Web Site with lots of Information, which you should also read. Peerguardian2 and eMule 0.46c are both free ! :D Regards, Cryonic.
  8. Hi @Marzuk_84, @Ante has already mentioned "RFID for Dummies", but the scans may be different ? Remark: These "dummies Books" are excellent, so please don't let the title mislead you ! RFID Essentials RFID Sourcebook RFID (radio frequency identification) For Dummies http://www.giuciao.com/books/sort.php?by=Engineering Enjoy !
  9. Dear Fellow Forum Members, I am looking for Data Sheets of the following two Thyristor Modules: MCC55-12io8 MCC18-12io1 What I know is: Manufacturer = BCC Veridul-M M = Module C = Thyristor (CC = Two Thyristors contained within one Module) 55 and 18 = 55 Amps and 18 Amps 12 = 1200 Volts i = 1000V/uS (I = 2000V/uS) o = Turn-Off Time tg, o = Type 1 or 8 = Version 1 (Thyristor: Aux, Cathode and Gate) Version 8 (Gate Only) These are Thyristor Modules, which contain two Thyristors per Module. I am interested in the Characteristics of these Thyristors contained within these Modules. Thank you for your help. With kind regards, Cryonic
  10. Hi @Robotgangsta, I have posted a few Web Site links for you here: Cryonic: coil gun book; posted on March 10,2006 at 07:01:15 PM: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=5944.0 Enjoy, and good luck with your project !
  11. It's a pleasure @Gogo2520, Here you have 22 Interesting and Educating (Theory) Manuals from "ON Semiconductor" (I do not work for "ON Semiconductor" or have any other interest in them, besides knowledge). "ON Semiconductor" Manuals: http://www.onsemi.com/PowerSolutions/supportDoc.do?type=Databooks Just a few examples (Rewritten File notation): Power MOSFET's (ON Semiconductor - DL135-D - Rev.8 - Dec-2004) 1126s.pdf Rectifier Device Data (ON Semiconductor - DL151-D - Rev.5 - Nov-2004) 650s.pdf Thyristor Device Data (ON Semiconductor - DL137-D - Rev.8 - Nov-2004) 359s.pdf AC-DC Power Conversion Products (ON Semiconductor - DLD609-D - Rev.1 - Oct-2005) 959s.pdf Enjoy !
  12. Hey Guys, this thread has started to piss me off with all those 404's and links not found. ??? So here you have it all, ... oh yes, ... and also that damn "Rectifier Applications Handbook.pdf" (1.89 MB). ;D EDUCYPEDIA: http://users.telenet.be/educypedia/electronics/powerelectronicssupplies.htm Enjoy !
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