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  1. Hi all I would like evreybody suggestion me about Uitrasonic remote control both thoery and circuit . How differrent from IR ? :oThank..
  2. hi I would like suggestion web DC motor For this circuit is easy for control by we design give can control DC motor 12 V http://www.elec-micro.com/electronics--circuit--DC%20motor%20control.html we use transistors TIP31
  3. I think that This circuit in web may be help you http://www.elec-micro.com/electronics--circuit--LED%20binay%20Counter.html he use
  4. IN this web http://www.elec-micro.com/electronics--circuit--Nicd%20batt%20charger.html I found circuit batt charger bye Good day.
  5. Good day every body I would like circuit Switching power supply which use IC LM2575 http://www.elec-micro.com/electronics--project--Swictching%20regulator.html http://www.elec-micro.com/electronics--project--Swictching%20regulator.html
  6. Hi I found The website conver 0-30 V http://www.elec-micro.com/electronics--circuit--Power%20Supply%2030V%20Converter.html in this circuit he use IC-CD-1846P
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