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  1. hello guys, its a very good and nice thread for 3-axis cnc. of course its a long thread of 22 pages (took me 1 whole day to read and understand) but iam able to solve my lot of doubts and questions. thanks guys (spl. MP,nikolaw and GreekPIC... others too) i saw lot of questions regarding the PCB layout.i think they arise bcz of the improper design software.the author shld have provided them in eagle etc format so that it will help while making the pcb.i'll be real thankful if some one could do that.(if someone has it already pls do post) some of my doubts that need clarification: 1.in the below pic is that 5v regulator only? 2.how to connect home limit switches? if we use 3 limit switches for home then overall we need 6 switches. right? 3.i have some 5-6 wire stepper motors from old printers.how to know whats their voltage rating.imean 12v or 24v etc and has any one used this entire setup roughly? i just want to know how efficient it is? once again i want to thank all of u for providing some much info.
  2. i also would like to know the buz11 replacement. iam unable to find one in my area. and how much voltage can i feed to the HDD motor(min and max)
  3. yes it is available. and in TO-220 package. thanks ante. **if it is so efficient can i place it in a closed box(with small hest sink) for my motorcycle project??
  4. yes i saw those.but no samples for these chips :( any other maxim chips. @hotwaterwizard thanks i'll try these too
  5. is it efficient than 7805? imean if we compare heat produced by these 2(7805 and transistor based circuit)which one is good
  6. hello all, i need 5v supply from my vehicle 12v battery.i know i can use 7805 but the problem is my circuit drives 20 LEDs continuously which roughly needs more than 400ma of current(over all).and the area is so conjusted i can't mount a big heat sink. so can i use dc-dc converter for this purpose. which chip is best for automotive project (if it is from MAXIM i can order a sample ::) ) thanks
  7. no replies :-[ guys i desperately need help in this topic
  8. hi all i have been working on this project from 2 weeks.it worked nice. it is really worth making circuit. there 2 types of circuit. 1.it uses 600:600 center tapped transformer http://www.grynx.com/projects/build-your-own-chat-cord/1/ 2.this uses combination of resistors and capacitors for audio processing http://www.grynx.com/index.php/projects/simple-skype-voip-analog-adapter/ now the problem is in my place this center tapped transformer is not available.so i went for resistor based circuit.it worked but the in/out going sound levels r very low.so is it possible for any improvement in this ckt. is amplification of sound levels possible? can u modify the circuit for better performance. thanks
  9. cool. thanks a lot ante. tomorrow i'll get some resistors of different values.so that i can make it variable. imean 15ma-c/20 30ma-c/10 for 14Hr 60ma-c/5 for 7Hrs (ofcourse not preferable) thanks once again.for helping me u ppl are just really amazing . :-*
  10. as per c/10 for 14Hr rule,current for charging a 300ma battery shld be 30ma. right. but in previous post u said 82 Ohms resistor will work.where as it shld be 40 Ohms for 30ma correct me if iam wrong iam bit confused ???
  11. i think magnetic sensors work efficiently at high speeds compared to IR sensors. u can uses a pair of magnet and halleffect sensor for calculating RPM. i dono much abt pic programming.but i came across such RPM counter while searchig for LED POV stuff http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/pov_leds/pov_leds.php scroll down,and at v2.2 tag u'll find a rpm counting led pov.
  12. got it. thanks. is there any particular formula for this resistor value. imean in furture if i want to charge packs of 700ma or 800ma etc i need to change resistors too right. and gyus to charge AA or AAA "single cell" what modification shld be done in lm317 design.
  13. thanks for correcting me. is current calculation is right(c/10 for 14Hrs) if yes then the final result will be 7-8v input to LM317 with R1 82Ohms resistor.(as ante said) can charge a 3.6v battery pack safely in 14Hrs
  14. thanks ante.i'll go with lm317 based circuit i dono much abt these abt these rechargbles.but i think ni-cd shld be chrged at 1.5+pack voltage and c/10 of its current rating it. if it is true then i need 5.1v @ 30ma for 14Hr .
  15. ohh ok then i did a small search on net and i found below 2.which one of this is best. http://agendawiki.com/cgi-bin/aw.pl?ChargingCircuits this one from our forum only. and this is from groups-google- what is ur openion abt these
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