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  1. Thanks for sharing! So it would recharge a battery but not run down the other one, or what? And keep it working without changing the other battery? That would be useful indeed and probably for other applications than battery charging.
  2. TI: >:( Regret to inform they cannot send me samples. Might be because my email address is not corporate??? No reason was given. Fairchild: :) Waiting... they said it will be shipped Maxim/Dallas: :D Got an email confirmation, the parts will be shipped except one they did not have in stock. Yay! This is fun! Going to be trying these next! http://sample.microchip.com/Default.aspx?testCookies=true http://www.microsemi.com/store/request.asp?REQTYPE=SAMPLE http://www.atmel.com/forms/Samples.asp?family_id=650
  3. "Be nice to the RF cops when they come after you. They might just give you a warning about making severe interference to radio and TV" :o Heck, it will be a miracle if I even get it working even with drift... so I won't be worried about the DOC for a while I think... a friend of mine who used to be a real bad CB terrorizer got visited by them and got a warning, but then he kept harrassing people until a bunch of goons from a CB'er club came to his house with baseball bats and took his equipement! No joke! :'( So I do know the dangers of interference!!! :o Now he lives in the Yukon with lots of space around him, a large antenna and a 1000W linear.
  4. 8) OK just moved this to the appropriate section: Forrest M Mims, author of many electronics books and chairman Texas Academy of Science is interviewed by Alex Jones re: genocide professor Pianka... LINK to full interview: http://www.prisonplanet.tv/audio/030406mims.mp3 Mr Mims is a GOOD MAN! But we all knew that already didn't we?... :)
  5. :D Hey AG, thanks for answering buddy!! So it sucks is what you're saying... well I'll just build it for the experience I guess... :P Looking at this thing, http://www.rfparts.com/choke.html#vk200 I didn't think it looked right, as there are supposed to be six holes according to the schematic and I thought it would be like one of those tin can looking inductor thingies, but if it'll work!! Are you sure it's the same thing??? I'm going to build yours really soon, just been skateboarding and stuff for the summer 8) , but now that it's getting cold my electronics senses are activated again... as soon as I get an order in to Main I will be getting a bunch of copper-clad boards and some of those low-dropout voltage regulators for your project... Regards, SM 8)
  6. Radio shack/Tandy solar power kit(with the wire spring thingies)... didn't have much mentoring and I was too mentally lazy/retarded to really go in depth so I didn't do much since then until.... I discovered COFFEE!!!!!! Went to school, and here I am unemployed in a field that pays F*** ALL! ;D ;D Man did I have to fight EI this time!!! Stupid sociopathic bureaucrats enforcing slanted legislation...grrr grumblegrumble... ;D ;D ;D
  7. "I know the cathode can really shock you, but is there anything I should look out for?" Heh, it is actually the anode that packs the punch... the way to discharge it is to get an insulated screwdriver, attach a test lead w/ alligator clip to the metal of screwdriver, attach the other end to the ground(use the metal ground lines slung across the back of CRT). If it's been off a while there will likely be no charge left in it but better safe than zapped! Don't worry about anything else, the caps won't kill you, although you can discharge the big ones with a resistor(1000 Ohm is OK). As for grounding, you don't want to give the electricity a path to ground through you!! So no grounding with high voltages!!! You want to be insulated with some good rubber shoes, and put one hand behind your back as a habit so you can live to be 103! :D (it won't likely kill you anyway but you will remember it!) Working with FETs or other sensitive stuff requires grounding if you're staticky, that's probably where you got that idea! So have fun!
  8. ANYBODY???? :-\ DigiKey doesn't have it, and this is the closest I could find but it doesn't even have the six holes.. so what's the deal???????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Some of you have built this thing right? WHERE DID YOU GET THE VK200 CHOKES and what can one substitute if anything?????????????? :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ http://www.rfparts.com/choke.html#vk200
  9. RE: The one with the PCB diagram. http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/rf/001/index.html The cct schematic calls for a VK200 ferrite bead with 6 holes. ??? Where can I order this, I searched on digikey and main electronics(I'm in Canada) and they don't list it. Is there a generic cross reference for it or something??? OK thanks in advance!
  10. It is not that hard to work with SMDs. You need a thin tip soldering iron, a good light, a clear table, and solder wick. Just remove the solder using the wick(be carefull not to accidently pick up adjacent small components with it), and if it doesn't come off apply more solder to get the flux in there to loosen the connection then use the braid again. Trying to remove the component without getting all the solder off all pins can result in lifted/broken traces or broken pins on components, so use a very light hand if you are doing any prying.
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