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  1. Hello, I have tried to make of countdown with many 1N4148 and CD4017. But first led has weak licht and at last led has much light. See animated gifs. So I will make to get this. Like as this but there is more. (above the voicebox are 4 leds) And cruise leds controls will last on.
  2. I have thinking about this. I will made from 10A into 5A. 10A is too much for my projects.
  3. I have already break lights up (all-on) then knight rider effect. My Power Supply are to weak to get break light up. So, you see this effect when I try get break light up then knight rider effect. http://www.captain-nguyen.nl/knightrider/videos/NewScanner20Watt.wmv
  4. MJ15004 use 250W. :-X Have not looking to datasheet. Datasheet MJ15004 Is this schematic right now?
  5. I have found this schematic from internet. But I have adapt from 2A to 10A power supply. Could this work?
  6. Long time ago yes. But with 1K resistor will it quicly turn of?, and without? Slow to off?
  7. He say: With LM3914 work much better than LM3915. I think you read the level better with LM3914 than LM3915.
  8. I have got only 10 LED air/fuel gauge version, with LM7805 As you would like get circuit diagram here is it.
  9. I use with PIC16F628. But I must learn how write pwm effect in Jal.
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