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  1. hey thanks for that info Theatronics, but id like to get the thing working before going straight to the tesla coil, this is what my hand wound coil looked like around the flybacks, exposed ferrite coil did i do that right? after i did that, i built this dirver circuit http://www.geocities.com/capecanaveral/lab/5322/fbt2.htm And i connected put the red suction cup near the pins, and hooked it up to a car battery and nothing happened, then to a 6v and nothing happened still...what is the problem? i had better luck with my ignition coil which is this page http://www.geocities.com/capecanaveral/lab/5322/coildrv.htm if you can help me with that as well, it only makes sparks when ever i connect it to the battery, then when i disconnect it and reconnect it, it make another small short spark once reconnected....if my 555 times not pulsing or what?
  2. LMFAO ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D that is histerical, i hecka want one to like fly at my friends to c what they woudl do seeing a flyign lawn mower coming at them...lol
  3. hey i have that exact card, cept mine is a 512, they are so expensive when i start gettin into like 4-5 gigs
  4. i have seen those things, i need to get one, i have burned myself with soldering irons way to many times cause it slips, or i fall on it, or just dont pay attention, i got to get one of those
  5. hello all, again, i have a question about flyback drivers as well, i have none of the old style flyback wheels like everyone talks about in their schematics for making flyback wheel drivers, all i have is a bunch of flybacks like this one in this site http://jlnlabs.imars.com/lifters/labhvps/tht.htm that site made me understand a little bit more bout my tpye of flyback, but i still dont fully understand just exactly what to do, like do i still have to make a new hand-wound coil on the ferrite core? or do i just attach stuff to the pins? i am very confused on the whole thing, if someone could explain how to use a flyback wheel and how to make a easy driver, that will put out some good sparks, id be very grateful..thanks
  6. hey everyone, i am kinda new to all this stuff, and i want to get an ignition coil to work, i have seen the schematics around the internet involving the 555 pulse time which pulses the 3055 timers, and every time i do it, it heats up the 555 timer and only makes a very small and fast spark...can someone help me out, or tell me a good place for a good and easy schematic site?
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