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  1. dear audioguru and kachew, 1 more last question, did the mosfet in the circuit just act as a switchin circuit? do the mosfet do any amplification? if yes then how do it do its job? thanks for your reply ;D ;D
  2. hi all, can u all pls help to teach me how to make a constant current circuit with tempreture control?? i want the configuration to be like this input voltage 11V-15VDC and output voltage =12VDC and constant current of 0.5A....thanks
  3. hi audioguru, then the operation is will be the 1st row of parallel mosfet on the top will be operate at the same time for the positive side for the waveform and the bottom 3 mosfet will be turn on for the negative side waveform...rite? ;D ;D
  4. hi audioguru, as we know the mosfet is used as a switch rite...in the kachew's inverter diagram its shown there is 6 mosfet parallel in the diagram, can we reduce it to 2 mosfet and what is the effect for reducing it compare to 6 mosfet? thanks for your reply ??? ???
  5. hi audioguru and kachew, its seems this topic become more complicated......i just want to ask is this inverter runs by 12vdc (input from 12V battery) and having ouput 240vac at the transformer output(output of circuit at the transformer secondary winding)? as i understand the transformer operates on Ac current and from the diagram as i understood this Ac current provided by 12 battery dc source and being switched by the mosfet to produce 12 to 0v alternating step current? is this correct?? ;D ;D as i understand the transformer cant be fed from a 12 dc battery directly....pls advice... thanks for your reply.... ;D ;D
  6. hi audioguru, but i saw the thread here stated that the modified sinewave inverter by kachew is 10V-0-10V...can it be feed in the 12V from the IC??? and it should be having loses of 1V from the mosfet in parallel... :-\ :-\ thanks for your reply
  7. hi audioguru, i see the datasheet of the mosfet of IRF540, if the ic CD4047 produces output of 5V the the Vds would be 7.5A from the mosfet. ??? ??? i still cant think of how to supply the 10V to the transformer? is it from the +5 and -5V from the IC??? how do the mosfet do its job??? thanks for your reply :-[
  8. hi audioguru, MOV is used to protect circuits against excessive transient voltages and how about the output overloading protection?? as i know many inverter nowadays have that function ::) ::)
  9. hi audioguru, how about the efficiency of thr circuit? it seems having efficiency only 50%, if so is there any method to improve the output so that having more steps? thanks for reply... ;D ;D
  10. dear audioguru, the oscillator CD 4047 and the CD4001 really can make it to become modified sine wave? i think in order to make modified sine wave i think we should change from NOR and inside the cd 4001 to XOR gate? thanks for your reply... :o :o
  11. hi audioguru, the diodes and the resistor not used to absorb voltage spikes? thanks for reply.. ;D
  12. hi Audioguru and kachew, is the inverter circuit works?? have anyone tried before?? what is the usage of the 0.01/5w parallel resistor used for?? and the diode 1N5408??? thanks for reply
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