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  1. Try this CDI from Silicon Chip magazine.
  2. Omni, you're right. My technique is for the people that can live with the lazziness ;D (because I'm lazzy too). Before I use this technique I have had etch with electrolysis using acid from a car battery. My pcb on + and - on stainless steel. I use 12 V 5 A. The etch really faster but the acid will bubble and create a little smoke and will affect our healthy. So I decided to leave this technique and finally I use the lazzy technique. Maybe the Subject for this post is: The pcb ecthing for the lazzy people ;D
  3. I wonder why the people use heater and bubble for ecth the pcb? Usually I just floating or arrange my pcb on water and let chem reaction and gravitation do ecth. With this technique there is no electricity and heat. See the picture to know what I mean. But you can do it, if you're in no hurry. About 15 to 30 minutes to finish it. Sorry if my English is bad.
  4. Does anybody tried this project? http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/automotive/008/index.html. I always see the yellow flag that warn us to not to create this project. What's wrong with this project? ???
  5. For water proof plastics you can use reguler plastic box and fill it with epoxy resin mixed with the hardener (usually epoxy resin and hardener is one packages).
  6. I think this is not free energy. Because we must create a magnet! I think here it is about free energy: electrical (not free) -> magnet -> arangement -> electrical -> motor |------------- free energy -------------| | (but is not!) | As we know, magnetics field like gravitational field have conservative force so they have conservative energy! Magnetic is stored energy and we must FILL it with electrical current. I'm sorry if my english is bad.
  7. Thank for your answer Indulis! Now I will search about flyback converter to make everything clear. Thanks again!
  8. Hi, I have found a schematics to car ign. in picture below from internet (but I forget the address, sorry). But I confuse how its work! It's seem stranger to me because this sch. doesn't follow the rule about transistor as switching. But it's working well. I will explain how this sch is work. 1. when breaker closed the coil will store the energy. 2. when breaker open the energy release to spark plug and the engine will start and run. Can somebody tell whats going on with this circuit? How good R value? I try to change from 10k, 1k, 100 and it's seem work well. (I'm sorry if my english is not good).
  9. Or try this, www.ti.com/sc/docs/apps/msp/journal/nov2000/nov_08.pdf.
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