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  1. Hi there, Can we add a diode between battery and input to boost converter? What I wanted to achieve is taking the input voltage to a level so that boost converter does not go out of regulation if input voltage increases by a little. Typical case : If battery voltage is 3.8V and boost converter goes out of regulation after 3.4V In that case if I put diode to drop input voltage to 3.0V. What impact will this have on performance of Boost converter. Any theoritical base would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Check this site - http://www.expresspcb.com/ You can use their schematic entry and CAD program for free. There PCB turnaround time is also good. You do not need to generate gerbers also. Once done you can connect to thier server from CAD program and it extracts all the necessary layer information from your PCB file.
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