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  1. I mean an electronics cad program like protel or eagle. Sorry i didn't mention it.I thought it was obvious. I am now using eagle and it is great.It has a huge component database and is generally very good, but it has very small pads, that's why i asked for opinions to try other programs too.
  2. Hello. I want to ask which CAD prog you use, and your opinion about it. Thank you.
  3. Hi. I guess you are referring to " http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/power/010/index.html" project As Mike suggested you need LM317T that can handle 1.5A. I have some more suggestions to make. Firstly, about the transformer. LM317 can handle 3V to 37V but you should go to 30-32V. Also, LM317 needs input to be +3V from output approximately. A transformer 230V/28V is not needed. 230V/24V will not give you 21V as Mike said because the 24V is the AC voltage that the secondary coil of the transformer has. After the bridge you will have 24*1.4 (sqrt(2)) DC voltage so you will have 33.6V whic
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