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  1. Please Help! I am looking for 15 pcs of Atmel # AT89C5131A-TISUL or any version of the AT89C5131A in a 28-SOIC package. I was able to get 5 pcs from Atmel as samples, but that s all the will sample even though we will be placing an order for thousands when our production starts in December. We have tested 2 of 20 of our protos and I have 3 chips left. I have 18 boards to build. Our product is ROHS compliant, but for the protos we do not have to worry about that. I would appreciate any help...
  2. Quick and dirty, you can use a 7476 (J-K Flip-Flop) in toggle mode. Tie J and K high, a relay driver tied to Q and your switch on the clock. You will probably need to debounce the swictch. You can also use one switch on the preset and one on the clear to start and stop the motor...
  3. I do understand that, however I can't help but think that this can be overcome in programming. Did you get into the programming end to try to correct for this issue and did your accelerometers have enough resolution to detect the drift? I believe that if you can detect it then it can be corrected...
  4. How do your LEDs need to illuminate? e.g. fast on-off, fade on/off...
  5. I am currently working on a project to autonomously navigate a manned submarine through a course in a test tank 50' wide x 1/2 mi. long x 22' deep. For the most part, the sub has neutral buoyancy and just needs to navigate a straight line, however, we would still like to monitor the 3rd axis. The problem is that the speed is about 7-8kn. Our calculations are showing that there may be a situation where there can be a sideways drift undetectable by the accelerometers if we do not have a Gyro in the system. If this is the case, at that speed a crash is surly eminent and could be disastrous. Does anyone have any experience that may guide us in this situation? We are also looking at sonar, but we believe the tank may be too small, causing too much noise to be able to adjust for sufficient accurate sensitivity. Our budget for this control is going to be approximately $4000. Thanks in advance...
  6. No kidding? Is there a special brand of printer or ink that is best? I haven't used this method in years, but I do have many schools that I advise. A little info goes a long way...
  7. Hello, my name Is Edward Hart, Owner and Engineer of Intellitronic Devices, LLC. Intellitronic Devices is a prototype and product designer/manufacturer of Electronic and Mechanical Devices and exciting Electronics Educational Systems. Providing superb Electronic and Mechanical Designs and Assembly at reasonable prices, we manufacture products with the highest quality and quick turnaround on prototypes and production runs. We have provided Electronic Manufacturing Services and Prototyping for the following industries: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber, Communications – Datacom/Telecom/Wireless/Network, Computers, Systems & Peripherals, Consumer Products/Electronics, Education, Engineering/Tech Design Services, Fabricated Metals, HVAC, Fire Control, Safety, Industrial Machinery/Tools & Equipment, Instrumentation & Controls, Semiconductor & Electronic Components, Transportation, and Utilities/Energy. If you are still looking for a controller for your application, please do not hesitate to contact me at 973-846-0074. Best Regards, Edward Hart
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