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  1. Check out CD4033 it has internal counter & 7 segment decoder. You can use 74hc244 to interface it with a bus.
    But the discrete logic makes it cumbursome to mux display lines (you need too many IC's). And eventually cost of all IC's will equal a microcontroller. ;D

  2. The common base configuration works because collector can provide same current as emitter without caring for the load voltage. Indeed collector acts as a constant current source. You can not operate emitter this way so at the max you will get an attenuator.
    In fact you can view a voltage regulator as the backwards transistor. And i don't think it offers any gain ;D

  3. Check out
    Practicle Transistor Circuit Design & Analysis
    By - Willems E. Gerald
    (PS - I am a looser when it comes to spelling ;D )

    If you can lay your hands on it. It is the best book to learn transistor design from. Of cource Basic Electronics by Malvino is also a good book but he explains design in very short manner. Better refer to it after you have read the first book.

  4. You need to measure two variables here -
    1. Strength of signal
    2. Direction of Signal
    You can feed a unique high frequency signal to the wire at one end so that the wire acts as antenna. And use a sensitive detector to pick up the signal. You shall need two antennas to check the direction.

    Same can be achieved by checking the magnetic field generated by wire using hall effect sensors. But I think you shall need insane amount of current through wire for this kind of tracking. ;D

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