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  1. Hi to all, I have a problem i would like some help if anyone knows. I would like to learn how to calculate a Scr's characteristics for power cirquits. Lest say for example we have a half-way single-phase rectifier. If i want the transition times to be 2mS or 50uS and the Scr should have 1.2 voltage drop when in the ON state,how do i calculate the characteristics of Scr,and everything else that is needed? any tutorial in this subject will be greatly appreciated! thanks,
  2. I would like to make a gas sensor(CO2). Anuone has any idea if there are any Ics on the market?I searched on the net but i didnt find anything.
  3. Does anyone know where can i find some motorola's (now freescale) mcu MC68HC705C8A? They are not produced any more and i have only found some sites but they want me to order hunderds of pieces.
  4. Thank you MP,i found what i was looking for but they are very expensive.Isn't there any way to use a TSSOP package in my breadboard test circuit besides using a converter?
  5. I would like to know if i can make a ic in tssop (or other package) to fit in a breadboard,that only accepts dip packages.Is there any kind of adaptor in the stores that i can purchase or should i try and make my own?
  6. TO moderator:PLease move this thread to the appropriate column.I posted it here by mistake
  7. Ok,i did it using 4 D flip flop and present state-Next state tables.Then with Karno maps i found the logical equation for each output(LED) Complex but yet doable. It is easy to do it using a microprossecor.I just want to start programmin PLDs.
  8. MP:the outputs are connected to LEDs which i want ot be turned ON using the outputs from the flip flops. thnx for the .pdf
  10. Yes i could,but i dont want to.I want to design it from scratch using D or JK flip flops
  11. Does anyone know how to design a digital counter that produces a specific number of non-sequential number? for example( decimal) : 1,5,3,7,9,12 and then repeat it using flip flops? If you know any good site i would appreciate it
  12. My monitor's led is blinking and i get no picture.Anyone have any idea about what it might be the cause? The rest pc is ok
  13. Yes mixos,you are right,I connected the mc34017 ic (telephone ringer) to a piezoelectric transducer and it worked perfectly.
  14. Does anyone know what a Piezoelectric Transducer is?
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