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  1. Hi to all, I have a problem i would like some help if anyone knows. I would like to learn how to calculate a Scr's characteristics for power cirquits. Lest say for example we have a half-way single-phase rectifier. If i want the transition times to be 2mS or 50uS and the Scr should have 1.2 voltage drop when in the ON state,how do i calculate the characteristics of Scr,and everything else that is needed? any tutorial in this subject will be greatly appreciated! thanks,
  2. I would like to make a gas sensor(CO2). Anuone has any idea if there are any Ics on the market?I searched on the net but i didnt find anything.
  3. Does anyone know where can i find some motorola's (now freescale) mcu MC68HC705C8A? They are not produced any more and i have only found some sites but they want me to order hunderds of pieces.
  4. Thank you MP,i found what i was looking for but they are very expensive.Isn't there any way to use a TSSOP package in my breadboard test circuit besides using a converter?
  5. I would like to know if i can make a ic in tssop (or other package) to fit in a breadboard,that only accepts dip packages.Is there any kind of adaptor in the stores that i can purchase or should i try and make my own?
  6. TO moderator:PLease move this thread to the appropriate column.I posted it here by mistake
  7. Ok,i did it using 4 D flip flop and present state-Next state tables.Then with Karno maps i found the logical equation for each output(LED) Complex but yet doable. It is easy to do it using a microprossecor.I just want to start programmin PLDs.
  8. MP:the outputs are connected to LEDs which i want ot be turned ON using the outputs from the flip flops. thnx for the .pdf
  10. Yes i could,but i dont want to.I want to design it from scratch using D or JK flip flops
  11. Does anyone know how to design a digital counter that produces a specific number of non-sequential number? for example( decimal) : 1,5,3,7,9,12 and then repeat it using flip flops? If you know any good site i would appreciate it
  12. My monitor's led is blinking and i get no picture.Anyone have any idea about what it might be the cause? The rest pc is ok
  13. Yes mixos,you are right,I connected the mc34017 ic (telephone ringer) to a piezoelectric transducer and it worked perfectly.
  14. Does anyone know what a Piezoelectric Transducer is?
  15. Any good site for repairing an ATX power supply?
  16. That's the one i have.unfortunately the datasheets and application notes dont provide information for connecting it to the telephone line.
  17. Well,a Transceiver can transmit DTMF tones and receive,as well. You enter the number in a binary form and you get the DTMF tone in the output.Also,if you use it for receiving DTMF tones,you get the binary form of the number that you,or someone else send through the telephone.It has registers that control its functions and you need a MCU to control it.
  18. It is a Transmiter-Receiver and it is Transceiver, not transciever.
  19. In a word,DTMF are those musical tones you hear when you are dialing a telephone number.Every DTMF signal is a mixture of two tones with different frequencies(one HIGH and one LOW freq.).With a DTMF transceiver you can decode( DTMF to binary) DTMF signals and encode(Generate).Thus,connecting it to a telephone line wil enable you to dial a number.More information you can find,well,in Google :)
  20. The connection you mention worked for a dtmf Decoder(Receiver) but not for a Tansceiver.Dont know the reason yet,but as far as i have searched i saw that you need to connect it to the phone line through a DAA chip which is FCC aproved( Data Access Arangement). Any ideas?
  21. Does anyone know how to connect a dtmf transceiver to the telephone line?
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